Lonely Dog Requests Passangers To Throw His Toy For Him

One day Caterina Dellabona was walking past an apartment building when she noticed an interesting sign on the door. “Do not throw toys at cacti” in Italian (the dog will get hurt). Thank you very much! Throw to the left or to the right.

That really confused her…

,,Until suddenly a little dog came to the gate with a toy in his mouth and a desire to play. He looked at us, wagged his tail, grabbed his toy and stuck his head over the fence.” Dellabona reported. This was probably because the fence was big enough for his head to fit comfortably, but not big enough for his body.

The dog’s owners had to put up a sign to make sure the toy was still safe because it seemed to be begging anyone who passed by to play with it. To avoid the nearby cacti, Dellabona threw the toy farther away and the little dog happily ran after it to bring it back. She played with the dog for about ten minutes before saying goodbye, much to the dog’s disappointment.

Every time he passes the house, Dellabona stops to play with his new friend, but it never lasts as long as he would like.

,,Every time I passed him, Dellabona would say, ,,I want to play with him, but it’s always me who stops the game, not him.” she says. ,,I don’t think he would give up.”

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