Man Decides To Follow Stray Dog Who Carries A Bowl Of Food

Last month, Yusuf Kılınçsarı, who lives in Turkey, shared a video about his experience with a stray dog he found on the road.

When Swordbeard approached the dog, he saw that it was carrying a plastic container full of food in its mouth and decided to follow it and document the whole incident.

An unusual journey under the scorching sun was made in the case of the pet dog Swordbeard. She moved as fast as she could without spilling the food on her plate. It passed through streets, a construction site and a junkyard where everything was on display. The mother walked everywhere to find food for her hungry puppies. As the dogs fight for food, the mother falls to the ground, probably hungry and thirsty, but like all mothers, she feeds her puppies.

Watch the full clip below to see this sweet dog mom with her puppies. A true and touching testimony of a mother’s love even in the most difficult circumstances. A mother will of course do anything to ensure that her children can meet their basic needs.

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