Dog Leading Vets Two Miles To Her Babies Even With A Broken Leg

Despite a broken leg, a dachshund puppy found on the street was taken to a vet two kilometers away. Lianne Powell, a psychologist, noticed the puppy and took it to the vet.

They discovered that she was producing milk and that the dog had just given birth. “We gave her a collar and a long leash. Then we followed her. Vet Ellen Sobry told the Daily Mail: ,,She knew where she was going. She took us through back roads and highways, through fields and even muddy paths, dragging her players to some places. There were ten beautiful puppies in the back seat, big, small and healthy.” Powell said.

,,It was incredible, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.” Sobry continued. ,,This dog didn’t understand who we were and we had only met her an hour before, so it was incredible how determined she was to trust us and show us where they were. The dachshund’s mother Vera and her puppies are being cared for by Ellen.

Ibizan Canine Rescue will definitely help them find a loving and permanent home when they are ready. A female saw the puppy and took it to the vet. They discovered that there was only one puppy there.

,,We put a leash and a long collar on her.”

It was really incredible to see how she decided to trust us. Vera was the name of the mother dachshund who was at a veterinary center recovering with her puppies.

They will find a loving and sustainable home as soon as possible, until they are adopted.

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